Our next meeting is next Monday, March 26th, 2:15pm  in Room 505.  Plan to donate clothes, bring ideas for the Culture Fest, friends an enthusiasm!  Chaminade will be participating as the country of Hungary (think great food and red/white/green national colors!) We are in need of four volunteers per lunch, who will need to man the booth and share their Key Club love and spirit with potential members for the entire lunch period! Also, we need people to donate packs of 100 forks, napkins and bowls. We will be selling Palascinta (Hungarian Crepes)and Indianer (Cream Puffs)! More information to be announced at the meeting on the 26th, but please let us know if you can bring/help out!  Please fill out the membership form, linked to the homepage, and pay the $16 before the end of the month.  To be enrolled in the Blackboard Class, you must be a paid member. Also, the following people must be in attendance: Greg Safarian, Chris Harlow, Brittney Kidder, KK and JJ Townsend, Ashkon Mesbah, Corey Sainz, Caroleen Bitar, Sarah Wong, Amber Angeles, Emmeline Salazar, Emily Oddino, Patricia Manlucu, Angela David, Esther Cha, Rebecca Hernandez, Amy Philip and Shelby Tropio. Be prepared to stay an extra 10 or 15 minutes. We look forward to seeing you!

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